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 The classes

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PostSubject: The classes   Thu Jun 26, 2008 5:35 pm

You start the game with no job and are a "visitor". The following is a list of jobs you can be once you hit lvl 10 (for first job and second job (lvl 70).


Dealer (First job)
Dealers are the money-making class. They typically use guns or launchers in combat, which use bullets and canon balls, because of that dealers could be rather expensive to level. Dealers are also skilled in crafting items. They can later change classes to become either an Artisan (crafter) or Bourgeois (money maker). The dealers main stat is their concentration, mixed with sensibility.

Artisan (Second job)
Artisans are the item making branch of Dealers. Artisans can craft equipment, carts and castle gears, and cut gems. Because most Artisans prefer to use as many crafting skills as possible instead of fighting skills, they often focus on speed to accommodate their high chance to inflict critical hits, which deal three times the normal attack damage. Artisans are most commonly seen using guns.

Bourgeois (Second job)
Bourgeois's are the money making branch of ROSE. Bourgeois, or commonly referred to as Bourgs, are all about finding items and dealing damage. Bourgs are also known for their strong mercenary summons, which cost money to use. Bourgs have gun skills which are especially suited for PvP or launcher skills which are especially suited for PvE. Bourgs deal high damage to single enemies and have the greatest distance of fire, they are commonly used to gather materials to make zulie.


Hawker (First job)
Hawkers are fast characters, and wear light armor . They base themselves on dexterity, which is their main stat that supports damage and dodging. Hawkers use katars, dual weapons or bows. They can also hide, boost up their critical and dodge rate, and throw poison knives at their enemies. They can later change classes to become either a Scout (bow) or a Raider (katars or dual weapons). The Hawker's main stat is their dexterity.

Raider (Second job)
Hawkers who prefer katars or dual weapons should advance to the Raider job, which allows them to access skills which mainly inflict damage. There is one skill unique to this job, Stealth, which allows them to become invisible, so no player or monster can attack them.

Scout (Second job)
Hawkers who prefer using bows should advance to the Scout job, effectively allowing the Hawker access to the Scout skill tree which consists of skills that are involved in the projection of arrows. One skill that is unique to the Scout is the ability to conjure a Hawk summon, which aids the Scout in the game by attacking the character's hostile target. Scouts are also given active skills that increase their attack range, as well as dealing additional damage or ailments.


Muse (First job)
Muses use magic to attack enemies or heal/buff other players. Muses use intelligence as their main stat. Muses use magic staffs or wands, usually with a support tool. If Muses reach level 70, they can choose a second job: Mage or Cleric.

Cleric (Second job)
Clerics are the supportive branch of Muses. Clerics focus on making their healing spells and buffs stronger and mostly dependent on parties to level, but if needed they can summon monster to attack like an Elemental or a Phantom Sword. They are also the most versatile class in the whole game, some players put their stat points solely on intelligence, others may choose to put on some Strength in order to hold a shield, or some Sensibility to gain more attack power and to inflict more critical hits.

Mage (Second job)
Mages are powerful spell casters who cast spells such as Lunar Stone, Ice Bang or Staff Stun. They are often used in parties as damage specialists. They can do a tremendous amount of damage when buffed. Mages do not only add points in Intelligence, but also in Strength so as to gain more attack power, defense, and HP. Mage's use staffs for close fighting.


Soldier (First job)
Soldiers are melee fighters, who focus on offense or defense. Soldiers use strength as their main stat. They party with other classes and provoke enemies to form a mob of monsters for higher and faster exp gain. Soldiers use one-handed or two-handed swords, blunt weapons, spears, axes, and shields. Their second job form is either Knight or Champion.

Champion (Second job)
Champions are the offensive branch of Soldiers. Champions usually use two-handed weapons such as axes, spears and two-handed swords. Champions excel at destroying single enemies such as bosses, but cannot effectively take damage from or "tank" multiple enemies at once.

Knight (Second job)
Knights are the defensive branch of Soldiers. Knights usually use one-handed weapons and shields and use area of effect skills, relying on their high defense to do it safely.
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The classes
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